Introducing our Honey Oil in its most versatile form yet! Our innovative all-glass dispenser multi-tool is heat resistant and safe for use for: applying it directly into dab rigs and dab pens, taken orally, applied topically, or adding full-spectrum concentrates to anything else – rolling papers, refill vape carts, and more.

Choose from sativa and indica varieties to get the legacy flavour you want from a pure full spectrum honey oil, or experience our best-selling Raspberry Hippie Crippler, Grape Ape, and other terpene boosted honey oils for those seeking a more lively flavourful smoke.

With 64-86% THC, you can enjoy a high potency experience on its own or even use our glass honey oil dispensers to give your smoke a boost – the adventure is yours to choose.



Experience an award winning
line-up of legacy extracts